Saturday, 29 June 2013

ADS-B Java Software

The development of ADS-B software in Java continues. Another programmer has joined our group: i0kte, Stefano Ricciardetto. He is an expert on radar console, has worked for many years as a software programmer for the ATC.

Now the software in addition to the display of the aircraft on the maps of Nasa World Winds, allows to upload outlines which are usually employed with Basestation or Planeplotter.

The planes seen at close range, are represented in 3D.

At the moment you can add various sources ADS-B but only in SBS format (port 30003).
The icon that identifies the aircraft, the track and the direction it will be soon changed according to the ATC standards.

Currently we are investigating to solve a java heap space error that occurs about 2 days after the software is started.

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